Hail Summer

This morning about 0800, on Radio One no less, I heard the morning DJ’s wish everyone a happy longest day, and welcome summer.  It was something wonderful and yet most unexpected.  Granted they stopped short of wishing everyone a blessed summer solstice,  but I’ll take a happy longest day from an international award winning radio station any day 🙂  May we all continue to enjoy wonderful and unexpected things through the rest of the year.

Welcome midsummer, time of rich earth, the harvest is a few short months away, the sun is at its height, the fields and gardens are decked with bright flowers and the bounty of the earth is at its fullest:

We celebrate the height of midsummer
held in honour of the Blazing God of the Sun
All of nature vibrates with the fertile energies
of the Goddess and God
The Earth is bathed with the warmth
and light and life of the Sun
The Wheel of the Year turns again
since Yule the light has been growing ever stronger
At Ostara the light finally became greater than the dark
and the light has kept on growing until today
the middle of the time of light, Litha, midsummer
from here, the light begins to fade again, until once more
the Wheel will turn to darkness and Yule will return
Today the Sun is high, the Light is bright, the earth is warm
As the Lord of the Sun blazes above
the fires of our celebration blaze below

All around us the gods are singing
all around us the spirits are dancing

May we listen for and hear you
May we look for and see you
May we reach for and touch you
May we wait for and find you


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