Snails! an abundance thereof

Yesterday we had rain, and Tiro and I being slightly unfortunate in being caught out in it, had a somewhat wet time of it.  Just to prove us wrong in our gloomy and soggy outlook on the walk home, we come across a fence made from concrete posts.  You’ll know the ones, with a metal reinforcing bar down the centre of each post, made popular by local councils in the 1980’s?  Anyway, as we walk back, we notice a small yellow -striped snail climbing for all its worth towards the top of a post.  That’s strange, says us, and carry on walking, where we see another, and then more.  Turns out there’s a whole slow moving herd of the little things in beautiful rain illuminated colours, conquering their own personal Everests.  And we stop.  We’re cold, wet, hungry, had a long day, carrying heavy bags and another mile from home and suddenly snails moving up posts makes us forget all that.

So, we thought we’d share:


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