Lammas Camp Workshop – ‘A Gap in the Hedge’


A Gap in the Hedge
with Steve Niner

Steve is a student of the Western Mysteries, a shamanic practitioner, a visual artist and an environmental educator. He teaches Nature Awareness, bushcraft, creativity, environmental art to people of all ages.

“My shamanic practice is the ground that underpins all my work. My passion is to try to communicate the wonder of life and how our everyday actions impact the world around us. To me, the imagination is the tool that is used to shape the world: we make the dream. We have to care about our world if we are to survive as a species.”

Steve’s workshop will be outdoors, whatever the weather. The workshop’s aim is to help the participant be at home in and connected with the Natural World, including finding a personal sacred spot, opening to the spirits of the land, and the importance of offerings.

If you think you’d like to join in, please bring along whatever you feel you’ll need to be comfortable sitting still, out of doors in whatever the weather gods provide at the time, and a biodegradable offering.


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