Photos of Hasfest 2011

*Warning – this post is picture heavy* I know it’s been a while since the wonders of Hasfest, but hopefully y’all have just about recovered by now.  Or be responding well to the closure that only therapy with three figures in the hourly rate can buy… Hasfest this year was a mighty mad affair, with both old faces and new getting along just fine, and coming together to celebrate with respect and laughter.  We had a multitude of pagans, from across the country, and indeed a multitude of weather too.  Not to be put off, although we were dampened on a couple of occasions, pagans of all flavours set to the task of discussing, catching up, bartering, making purchases of new and shiny things, partaking in the Labyrinth dance, belly dancing workshops and ancestral meditations, witnessing the burning man, celebrating and drumming in fine style.

Big shout out to the crew, of which you may find the odd picture below, doing their thing and helping Hasfest 2011 run smoothly 🙂
Of course such an event requires a record for posterity:  here’s mine:  if you happen to have any photos of the weekend, and would like them displaying here, please e-mail them to the usual contact address and Tiro and I will put them up 🙂

notice board

In the beginning… there was grass…
in the beginning
And the crew busied themselves with the marquee:
the marquee goes up
The marquee waits for the friday night launch party, decorated in home made tie-dye hangings:
the marquee waits
The Burning Man is constructed, with his, er… substantial endowment policy as it came to be known:
the burning man
The rebirthing arch for the end of the labyrinth was created with judicious use of cable ties, hawthorn and persuasion:
battling with cable ties
the rebirth arch
Sadly the winds’ enthusiasm for the celebrations was too much for the heavily decorated arch, and when it collapsed due to buffetting winds it wasn’t possible to mend it again. People danced the labyrinth anyway, to drummings and clappings, exiting through an arch of branches held by Jay and Del instead.
The rain comes and goes, together with blustery winds, and gifts us with a rainbow:
hasfest rainbow
and a curious guest comes to see what’s going on:
a curious guest
Preparations are finished, the night falls and the moon watches over the Ragnarok Radio launch party, with music especially written for the occasion:
friday night moon
Saturday was filled with lots of good things, the labyrinth dance, a lecture on tarot cards, an ancestor meditation accompanied by drums, and a belly dancing display and workshop. Sadly I was too busy having fun and dancing to take any photographs…
The Burning Man collects blessing ribbons, at a faster rate than a certain person (who shall remain nameless…) can collect the various colloquial names for his aforementioned endowment policy…
beribboned man
The evening is where it’s really at, and people make celebrations and noise with great gusto:
The lighting of the burning man:
burning begins
There’s always a picture entitled ‘around the fire’ – here’s the Hasfest 2011 one:

around the fire

around the fire

The fire leaps:
the fire leaps
and so do the leapers:
fire leapers
And at the back, a fire staff is twirled:
The drummers beat the night:
fireside drummersfire beatsdrummers focus
And the dancers dance until:
fire dancers
the fire turns to embers:


2 thoughts on “Photos of Hasfest 2011

  1. Hail from the ‘colloquial collector of names’.
    Just to let you know a conglomoration of Hasfest pics were sent to Tiro’s email cos yam only learning how to send things by attachments.
    I whole heartily agree it was a mad, fab. weekend long may they continue.
    PS. note I have all worms correct.( giggle giggle)
    Blessings to all.

  2. Thanks for putting up the pics….it was a wonderful weekend with some really kewl people….it is getting bigger and better each year….

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