Rural Craft Camp – July 2011

Ginger sends us information about an upcoming Rural Craft Camp in Northampton, and would like to share the link with you good readers.

Please clicky HERE for full details.

The Camp is a four-day event running from Thursday 7 to Sunday 10 July 2011 near Welford in the UK Midlands; the provisional timetable includes workshops on various crafts, dancing, divination techniques, survival skills, and drumming (huzzah!). The final timetable will be available at the start of the camp.

There’s an email address and a mobile phone number for the organiser on the site’s Contact page. (Which is as good a place as any to keep them, really.)

Go see – it looks rather intriguing.

[Bureaucrat’s Note: This event is independent of Chesterfield Pagans.  If you have any queries please direct them to the organisers of the event via the website.]


One thought on “Rural Craft Camp – July 2011

  1. Looking forward to this camp…..and looking forward to sharing time and space with some great people!

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