Hasfest: it’s nearly here!

It’s happening next weekend, in fact, the festival starts next Friday evening with an informal launch party.  There will be music and polite dancing, oh yes. And probably the odd drum or two being beaten in gentle time  to provide an entertaining evening for all.    We look forward to seeing you there: come and find stalls and services, workshops and lectures, displays, a traditional burning man, plenty of drumming and the all important time to natter and catch up with other like-minded folks :)  be there, or be… a dentist.

Reminder to campers

Camping is very basic: toilets are only available during pub hours, bring your own water, camping may be ‘cosy’ – be prepared.

Hasfest info:

Only trust information regarding Hasfest from this website and Chesterfield Pagans Facebook Page.

Hasfest General:

Hasfest officially starts Friday 13th, 6pm.  Ragnarok Radio presents the Hasfest launch party – Heavy slabs of classic rock shifting to the euphoric temple of psi-trance.

Saturday Planned events:

Workshops, labyrinth, burning man, drumming and more.

Hasfest Organisers request:

The New Inn continue to give us massive support and respect, please return support by throwing some money their way, they have a great range of beers and liquid refreshments available, and serve excellent affordable bar meals, well recommended.

Hasfest is a small free festival, a chance to get together and celebrate freely and with respect, let’s have a good one: shamanismpaganismrockandrollpeople.  We look forward to seeing you. 

Just while I have your attention, and you’re thinking about festivals and the like, there’s the Derbyshire Pagans Summer Camp in the not too distant future too.  If you’ve got your tickets already, you’re in very good company; if not, there’s still time to purchase them through the Eventbrite link at the top right of the main page of this site, or direct from Gwen.

Shamanism, Paganism, Rock and Roll: rock on :)


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