Hail Beltaine!

Hail Beltaine and the beginning of summer!   Hail the fires of inspiration and creativity!  Hail light, warmth and the start of the long summer days!  Hail May Lord and May Lady!  Hail warm summer sun, we’d almost forgotten what you felt like…

The warm time is here
time to work and time to rest
time to celebrate outside
time to prepare for the harvest
All about us the Land Spirits are singing
All about us the deities are speaking
Help us to listen, all you divine beings
May we hear your voices


One thought on “Hail Beltaine!

  1. Hail to all this Beltane morn. I have been out walking with the dogs in the glorious sunshine this morning. The park is full of May blossom, so for the more superstitious among you, its now time to cast your clouts, don’t do it too soon though, the cold north east wind is still sneaking around and I would not like to be responsible for any colds you might catch.

    Love and Light, Peace and Healing to you all.

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