Hasfest Reminder

It’s in just a few short weeks people! Start packing! Alright, maybe not start exactly right now, but even if you work on Pagan Time you can at least begin the countdown in earnest, alright?

Just a gentle reminder, if you’re planning on camping and haven’t yet staked out a claim with Gwen, your time is fast running out.  If you have already, or are planning on attending without camping, we look forward to seeing you there.  Come and find stalls and services, workshops and lectures, displays, a traditional burning man, plenty of drumming and the all important time to natter and catch up with other like-minded folks 🙂

Just while I have your attention, and you’re thinking about festivals and the like, there’s the Derbyshire Pagans Summer Camp in the not too distant future too.  If you’ve got your tickets already, you’re in very good company; if not, there’s still time to purchase them through the Eventbrite link at the top right of the main page of this site, or direct from Gwen.

Shamanism, Paganism, Rock and Roll: rock on 🙂


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