Drumming Night Video!

After much tweaking and nudging, we’ve finally managed to make the YouTube thing work to our benefit, and we have, for your edification, a short clip of the recent Drumming Night, for posteriority.  Or something like that.

Now, although we’re using YouTube to host the vid, it’s not actually listed on that site and so can’t be viewed unless you have the link – or unless you click the image below.  Nevertheless, should anyone featured herein – and there are few clear faces since a) it was quite dark and b) I’ve compressed the video quite heavily to get the file size down – feel unhappy about the video being online, please let us know and we’ll take it down again.


3 thoughts on “Drumming Night Video!

  1. sounds like a good night was had by all. Sorry I was proper poorly that night. See you all next time. Goddess willing!

  2. This was an amazing night….though to be fair, most of the drumming nights at Ayres Chapel are amazing….big thanks to the director and cameraman….well done!

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