A Pagan Spring in Mexico

A few days ago Tiro and I received a lovely long e-mail from Claudia, our long-distance honorary member in Mexico City.  Together with a few friends, she recently co-produced and performed a concert with the theme of Pagan Spring, choosing wiccan songs and pieces in several different languages, which was performed at the Science Faculty of the National University.   They created a stone circle, (which in her words was ‘all but round’) on stage, and put representations of the four elements at the front.  The video (filmed by the 13 year old son of one of the performers) below shows some of the pieces they performed, put into a short film of the concert.

I’ve had a watch and the pieces, voices and instrumental arrangements are just beautiful.  There’s even a bit of drumming in there.  Take a few minutes and see what you think 🙂  The video can be found HERE


2 thoughts on “A Pagan Spring in Mexico

  1. Thanks for that! We are so glad you liked it. Now we are becoming quite famous in the UK. 🙂 Many blessings and good wishes. Enjoy the weekend and the Chesterfield spring!


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