The Vikings are Coming!

And instead of the usual shouts of Aieeee! help! SOS! RSPCA! RSPB! and so on, it’s a resounding whoop from this follower of Asatru 😀   not that I’ve been counting down since October last or anything, or doing anything as remotely unusual as saving up all year for one single weekend… no, not in the slightest….. so if you find yourself at a loose end this weekend and fancy a trek out to the Vale of York and back in time a ways, head for the city itself and witness something rather special.  Most of the events are free, others charge a small amount.  At best it’s a fantastic weekend in which people can indulge their passions to their hearts content, at worst, it’s full of sights, sounds and smells of 10th C York, an experience which is guaranteed excellent, even if just from the living history perspective.  You can find out more, including the planned program of events, HERE

*goes to plan the packing of the rucksack*


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