Finally the FAQ begins :)

Good folks,

Finally Tiro and I have gotten round to doing something we meant to do a while ago, (not that! ack gods, you’ve got a perverted mind!) which is to say that we’ve begun writing an FAQ for the site.  For those not technologically enhanced, an FAQ is simply a page of Frequently Asked Questions about a topic or subject.  Needless to say it’s been a bit tricky coming up with balanced answers so far, and we’ve only got 8 questions (being about the extent of the ones we seem to get asked most frequently by non-pagans about our beliefs).  So, we need to pick your brains – have you been asked a question about paganism that we’ve not listed?  If so, send us the question and your answer and we’ll put them up.  Also, if you’ve got an answer you’d like to submit for any of the questions we’ve listed so far, send us that too, and we’ll put it up and credit you for it.  It all goes towards building the resource for pagans and non-pagans alike who might just be a tad shy to sidle up to you in public and quietly ask ‘but don’t you…?’

You can find the Chesterfield Pagans FAQ here

Any peeps who consider themselves non-pagan reading this, send us your questions too (on the topic of paganism if you please, I’m not sure how good we’d be if you asked us why your wife/ husband/ significant other doesn’t understand you…), and we’ll provide an answer 🙂


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