Spring Pics

Good afternoon, ladies ‘n’ gentlemen.  I thought – if you’ll indulge me for a moment, that I could subject you to a short course of my spring piccies, what I was variously inspired at various different times and places to take on account of it’s spring, and spring does some rather pretty things.

[More manly, Tiro, come on.]

All right, spring does some…


Damn it no: it does pretty things.  Manliness or not, there’s nothing I can do about it.

So here for your delectation is a small selection of the ones I’m happiest with.  Please click for bigger images.  Assuming you want to, that is.

Low morning Sun through misty clouds

Second shot of low morning Sun through misty clouds

You’ll notice that big shiny circle in the middle there – I’m sure you’re all familiar with it.  I don’t know about you, but whenever I see the Sun through clouds like this, so you can see the full disc, it puts me in awe.  How big it looks to the naked eye here on Earth gives an amazing sense of scale when you consider that it’s roughly 150,000,000 km (93,000,000 miles) away from us.  And it still looks that big!  Incidentally, this is probably a good time to add the usual disclaimer:

When I took these shots the Sun was heavily obscured by clouds, so it was safe(r) to look at (than usual).  Even then I wasn’t going to sit gazing at it.  Looking at the Sun with the naked eye is not normally a good plan; less so through a lens.  Please be careful with it.  Thanks.

The garden’s starting to do stuff, too:

Crocuses starting to come up in our back garden

Crocuses in our back garden

Snowdrops in the back garden

Snowdrops, also in the back garden

Moar snowdrops!

Moar snowdrops!

More crocuses...

More crocuses...

... snowdrops ...

... snowdrops ...

... and rhubarb.  What?

... and rhubarb. What?

As you can see from the rhubarb, we did get a spot of snow this morning, and it is quite chilly out, but you definitely get the sense that winter’s on the way out for this year (for us northerners, obviously).

Sunset over the moors – this taken a few evenings ago:

Sunset at the edge of the moors

Sunset at the edge of the moors

I have to say I was pretty impressed when I saw this.  It was a definite stop-the-car moment, and I was glad I had my camera with me.  And even when I got back on the road, I didn’t get more than a third of a mile before I had to stop again for this:

Sunset, from a little further up the road

Sunset, from a little further up the road

Home then, and the Sun sets, and it’s darkness.  Now, any fellow computer nerds out there remember the old Microprose computer game UFO: Enemy Unknown (X-COM: UFO Defense if you’re American)?  I only ask because when I took this night-time photo of the crocuses by solar light, I couldn’t help but be reminded of those eerily atmospheric night missions in UFO, lighting up all-too-small bits of cornfields with ground flares, and hoping you wouldn’t see those little grey faces in the glow…  Ah, nostalgia.

Ah!  Sectoids!  Run!  Nope, just crocuses again.

Ah! Sectoids! Run! Nope, just crocuses again.

Sorry.  Bit of a geek-out there.  Actually, they kind of remind me of Avatar, as well.

That’s all, folks. 🙂

Oh Hai


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