Worldwide Fame!

Los paganos de Chesterfield! Hemos tenido un visitante del extranjero! Hemos sido mencionados en un blog en español. Yo no hablo español, me temo. ¿Alguno de ustedes con talento (y muy bonita) se habla español? Si es así, echa un vistazo a este artículo.

EDIT:  Okay, okay.  Enough with the mischief.  Sorry.  The above was my (and Google Translate’s) best attempt at;

“Chesterfield Pagans! We had a visitor from abroad! We have been mentioned in a blog in Spanish. I do not speak Spanish, I’m afraid. Do any of you talented (and beautiful) people speak Spanish? If so, check out this article.”

We got a ‘pingback’ from a site in (we think) Mexico that seems to be dealing with paganism at the moment, and it linked to an article on our site, which we thought was quite exciting.  Incidentally, if you do want to have a read of the other site, Google Translate is a pretty sophisticated translation tool (much as it pains me to advertise Google) – if you put a website address in the translation box and click the link that appears, it’ll process the whole site for you.  Hopefully THIS will take you to the translated version.  It’s not perfect, but it gives you a pretty good idea.


8 thoughts on “Worldwide Fame!

  1. Well, I’m on my phone right now and that’s Not the best Place to write comments from. But since I speak both English and Spanish and consider myself beautiful, I might manage to translate my blog entry for you. I’ve already introduced myself on your info email address. Cheers and warm smiles from Mexico,


    • Hail and Welcome Claudia.

      May I wish you a Good Yule from Chesterfield, Engalnd.

      We are in the grip of icy northern winter. How I wish I was in sunny Mexico.

      Bright Blessings to you and yours.

  2. Well, we have no central heating here and we had a peaceful and happy Yule. We now have 15 degrees Celsius (aboout 60 F) outside and that’s not very warm for us, but I enjoy it a lot and wish it was colder. Your blog is amazing, I have read a lot and enjoyed it very much. Blessings for you too and I owe you the translation of my blog’s article. Huh, I hate translatin’ but Google helps. Its grammar is awful, but it has a good vocabulary. Until soon,

  3. Hello, Claudia! You can have some of our cold – recently we have had temperatures of -24ºC overnight, which caused a lot of pipes to burst. Many flooded houses, and rich plumbers! :o)

    Glad you like the blog. We’re always looking for ideas and suggestions, so if there is anything you want us to talk about, or questions you want to ask, or if you have information about paganism in your area, please let us know.

    Okay. About the Daily Mail. The Daily Mail is a ‘right-wing’ national newspaper that publishes a lot of ‘scare stories’. They usually write about immigration, paedophiles, terrorists, Muslims, homosexuals, and so on. Recently, the Daily Mail has discovered pagans and started attacking them too. When the ‘Druid Network’ was recognised by the UK Charity Commission, the Daily Mail wrote a piece saying that pagans were undermining British society and traditions.

    Since the article was ill-informed scaremongering, we just had a good laugh, and since the Daily Mail honoured us with recognition, we thought we would return the favour. 🙂

    Here are a few of the links:–harmless-eccentrics-dangerous-cult.html

    (All in English.)

    Don’t worry: we’re not actually anything like that. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the links, Tiro. What kind of newspaper is that? Not a very serious one, I guess. I haven’t read the three articles careully (only the first), but it seems that they are more interested in ratings than in reporting the news. :-/ By now I know pagans are not like that!

    • “What kind of newspaper is that? Not a very serious one, I guess. I haven’t read the three articles careully (only the first), but it seems that they are more interested in ratings than in reporting the news.”

      Sadly, there’s a lot of that about. I could get into trouble giving you my opinion of the Mail, partly because other readers here might be better disposed to it (and other papers like it) than I am; but mainly because I get guilt if I start using this site as a political soapbox… 🙂

      Generally, I think it tends to describe itself as ‘conservative’. Pagans are certainly just one minority group with unfamiliar practices that the Mail has fixated on; but I honestly don’t think it’s out of genuine malice or prejudice. I think they just want to sell papers, and sensationalist stories and opinion pieces help them do that.

  5. Hi Lapichardo and Tiro,
    Thanks Tiro for helping me navigate the website, at last I know what claptrap (bulls–hit for those of a non Yorkshire persuasion) the Daily Mail sprouts. Personally I don’t read any newspapers; my husband passes items of interest to me from his daily perusal of the Times and Independant. Sometimes these articles relate to Paganism but on the whole are non judgemental.
    In one of the articles, (from the Daily Mail) I got the impression that the writer thought that Pagans have no moral structure in their lives and did not adhere to any creeds or commandments. I strongly disagree with this, my personal commandment is “AND IT HARM NOTHING, ANIMAL, VEGETABLE OR MINERAL, DO WHAT THOU WILT” To me this is harder to keep than other religious commandments, as it is all encompassing and VERY hard to follow. I’m sure I must fail at many points every day, for which I truely repent.
    Bright Blessings to all who read the wonderful Chesterfield Pagans Website and many thanks to Tiro and Amalasunta for their dedicated and informative work.

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