December Events

Lurgies and germs, may I please crave your attention for a brief spell (ahar), while I tell ‘ee of stuff I’ve no doubt you already know. In order to brighten your gloomy, snowy, icy and generally miserab… Sorry, I forgot: we love Nature, don’t we? Right, okay. Well, in order to add further wonderment to your sparkly midwinter wonderland, there are one or two* events coming up in the remnants of this increasingly soggy December, which ‘Yule’ no doubt want to attend. Ahar again. You see? YOU SEE THE COMEDY? Sometimes I ‘sleigh’ myself! Oh ho, make it stop, make it stop…!

Okay, it stopped.

Now. Where was I? Oh yes: The Prologue.

No, sorry. Yes, I remember. Events. (And this is where the story really starts.)

Firstly, we have the 2010 Derbyshire Pagans Yule Ball, to be held at the Traveller’s Rest, 185 Ashbourne Road, Derby DE22 3AJ.

Hopefully you’ll already have booked for this event, but if you have any questions you can contact Helen on 07854 999569 or on email HERE.

Then, there is the movie event of the decade; the Yule Red Carpet Night, to be held in the upstairs room at the New Inn, Mansfield Road, Hasland, Chesterfield from 7pm on the 18 December.

SEE the multi-talented, star-studded cast in a novel take on a well-known winter’s tale!
HEAR the rapturous applause and heart-rending appeals for MORE!
DRINK the bar dry!
DEMAND further information from Gwen on 07878 961646 or on email HERE!

* Two, in fact.


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