Eyres Chapel Drumming 2/12/2010

Is cancelled.  Too much snow and cold and wet to be traipsing around when it’s not necessary.  You might happily argue that it is, and you need your monthly fix of spontaneous rhythm, coffee, biscuits and drum trance, and we would wholeheartedly agree, aside from the fact that it’s cold… and has been snowing for several days…. and by any other name would be described as weather of biblical proportions.  Alright, maybe not quite biblical, but you get the meaning.  But Gwen means it: No drumming tomorrow night. Stay warm, cosy and wrapped up by your hearths and homesteads, and the next drumming meet will be all the sweeter.  we promise ;p  Unless, or course, it’s still snowing bad, but we’ll dig ourselves out of the drift to cross that bridge when we come to it…


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