The Daily Mail (Again): “Pagans On The March”

Thanks to Ian for bringing the Daily Mail’s latest shot at paganism to my attention.  I was tempted to comment on the Mail’s most recent anti-pagan article here, but while this is an open site free for members to use, it’s not my personal soapbox, and if I keep on posting lengthy rants here, it’s going to start looking like it.

For that reason, I’ve posted my rambling item at my own blog, which is HERE: you’re welcome to pop over and read it, or not, as you like, but please bear in mind that it does not necessarily represent the views of the Chesterfield Pagans or the Derbyshire Pagans.  The views expressed and the way in which I’ve expressed them are entirely my own responsibility.

Daily Mail.  Fish.  Barrel.  Have a nice day.  🙂


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