Future Site Headers! (And Other Content, Too)

Actually, the mention of our past header images made me think.  I thought it might be worth mentioning again, just as a reminder, that this is your site.  It belongs to the Chesterfield/Derbyshire Pagans community, and our friends, guests and interested parties.  This means, dear reader, that it’s yours to do with as you will.

We would like your ideas for articles, items, news and stuffs…  And if you have any questions, or requests…  If you’re curious about something, or have dreamt something, heard about something you’re puzzled over, we’re bound to have someone who knows – so feel free to let us have it (as it were), and we’ll see if we can put answer in touch with question.  Or vice-versa, not sure how that ought to work really, one way round or the other, but it’s all the same in the end I’m sure, and you get the gist.  No doubt.

Discussions – a la the recent observation made by Hazel on the Facebook site last week about the Infamous Hasfest Burning Man Image.  Or if you have any photos of places you’ve visited recently…  Spiritual places, I mean: Meadowhall has some fascinating architecture, undoubtedly, but unless it was created by, say, Ivo Shandor as a conduit for channelling ancient Sumerian gods into this world…  Actually, now I think about it…

There Is No Primark, There Is Only Zuul…”

Well, anyway, there’s plenty of room on the site yet (you know while this site’s been running – that’s a year – we’ve only used 3% of the space WordPress gives us for media items?).

[Waits for audience applause…  Not a sausage.]

What about paganesque (good word, what?) concerts, gigs or lectures you’ve been to that you’d like to give us a write-up on?

And, with reference to the title of this post, one of our initial ideas – which was all good until we got carried away with the custom headers – was to use a themed header for any festivals or special days associated with particular traditions.  By ‘particular traditions’, of course, we mean your tradition.  Oh yes: yours.  You.  Now some we know – the eight sabbats are familiar; we’ve got Asatru and the Religio Romana pretty much covered (if a rather distorted interpretation of the latter…), but what about all you Druids, Kemetics, Hellenics, Discordians, and the others that we maybe aren’t so immediately familiar with…?  It’s your site too, so help us make sure we represent you properly.

Otherwise, we’re just going to keep on using it for our stuff.  Make of that what you will… 😛


One thought on “Future Site Headers! (And Other Content, Too)

  1. I can see what Hazel means by the kissing figures, but looking at the picture in its entirety as it is on my desktop, I can see a wolf, a wild boar, numerous fire sprites and faces; but I come from an age when we used to sit round open fires before central heating was normal in houses, so I became adept at seeing “things” in the flames from a very young age.

    I have read the comments on Facebook but don’t want to join the networking site. Is there any way I can put in my twopenn’oth through this website without becoming a Facebook member?

    Blessed Be.

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