WolfStone Summer Camp 2011

WolfStone Summer Camp will be held 08-10 July 2011.

Camp will feature workshops, stalls, opening and closing ceremonies, and Saturday will be a medieval-themed festival day.

NUMBERS ARE LIMITED – to register your interest, email Maggie HERE or by telephone on 07786282069.

Please note this event is being organised independently of Chesterfield Pagans, so if you have any queries please contact Maggie as above.


2 thoughts on “WolfStone Summer Camp 2011

  1. Hi, I wondered if you would mind sending me some infomation on having a stall at your camp.

    I make handmade flower garlands, Wolf Drawings, Handmade gremlins, Pixie Hooded jumpers, Baby Ponchos, Handmade Friendship Bands and Pendants.

    Many Thanks Haidee Phipps

  2. Hail Haidee,
    Your stuff sounds all awesome and we’d love to see you at a festival soon!
    if you’d like more information on the Wolfstone camp, it’s best to contact Maggie directly, as the event is being run independently of Chesterfield Pagans. Derbyshire Pagans summer festivals are twofold: firstly Hasfest running in May 13-15th, at the New Inn, Hasland, Chesterfield. it’s free to attend (though I’m not sure about stall costs yet!), and we’ll be posting details up on the site soon. Second is the Derbyshire Pagans Lammas camp 4th – 7th August at the Newhouse Organic Farm, Kniveton. This event is ticketed, and you can find more details by following the link in the main page sidebar.
    If there’s anything else we can help with, just give us a nudge 🙂


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