Fortune Teller Tax is a Cursed Future

This was in the Metro newspaper yesterday 10/9/2010, page 26, as I can’t find it on their website (perhaps the article is too small) I reproduce it here in full:

ROMANIA: They should have seen it coming, really – plans to tax fortune tellers and hold them liable for wrong predictions have been rejected by ‘frightened’ senators.  The bill – which would have required mystics and witches to produce receipts for their work – was thrown out by government members who were scared of ‘being cursed’ said Alin Popoviciu, who proposed the measure.  Taxing thousands of fortune tellers would be difficult because of the varying sums of money they received, witch Maria Campina said yesterday.

Of course, you remember that in Lancre, witches don’t pay tax…

Their other article which might be of interest was this one.


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