Jumping Spider pictures

Normally, I tend not to be particularly fond of the eight-legged variety of critter.  In fact one could go as far as to say there is one of those continuous active dislikes occurring.  So, I tend to avoid them where possible and not talk about them, look at them, actively seek out new stories about them… you get the idea.  And so them and I have been comfortably co-existing on the absolute understanding that I don’t come into contact.  Ever.  Please-Universe-Thank-You-Very-Much.  Unless you’d like an active demonstration of an eerily good impression of a girlie scream.  That is, until I came across these: (just for those of a similar understanding, there’s a picture of a spider when you click, and a link to the remainder of the article)

jumping spider
jumping spider

Somehow it’s really beautiful.  Granted, I know technically it’s still one of those, but it’s changed somehow into something colourful, incredibly detailed and not quite so scary.

The remainder of the article (together with more pictures) is here


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