Orkney Saga

Drum roll please: we’re back 🙂  the return journey of 450 miles was completed without incident yesterday – although with the full compliment of 38 seats on the plane from Kirkwall to Aberdeen and I get the only seat with a small irritating child sat behind, who spends the entire journey kicking the back of my seat arrhythmically.  Bah.  Still, ne’er mind, the trip up and back was fantastic.  Despite the small child.  Oh, stop whittling and get on with it… these folks don’t want to hear about that, they just want the pictures.  Ok, here’s the piccies, there are too many locations to put the whole lot in a post, so we’ve put them up in a permanent gallery for your delectation.  Just so you know what to expect, we spent time at the Stones of Steness, the Ring of Brodgar, Maes Howe,  Tomb of the Eagles, the Italian Chapel, Broch of Gurness and Skara Brae amongst others.  Enjoy 🙂

As it’s going to be a little while for most of the pictures to be sorted out (there’s about 1350 to go through…) here’s a couple to keep you going until the main gallery is finished. (which will not consist of 1350 pictures, we promise ~ Tiro)

Ring of Brodgar

Ring of Brodgar

The Ring of Brodgar was a near perfect circle of 70 stones, now with only around 30 standing, it’s still an arresting sight.  We visited it twice and the second time, at dusk in the rain, provided shots of solid stones in an insubstantial landscape of mist and fog.

Skara Brae house 7

Skara Brae house 7

Skara Brae is the site of a beautifully preserved Neolithic settlement. This is the remains of one of the houses, complete with central hearth, stone ‘dresser’ and two bed spaces either side.

Wideford Hill is known as the biggest hill on Orkney mainland.  This is the view from the top, looking down into the sunset across the valley.

View from Wideford Hill

View from Wideford Hill


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