There Is Drumming

As many of our regular readers will know, Gwen and Jay can’t be present to organisificatify the drumming evening, due to an inability to be in two places at once (although if you’d like to learn this particular skill, I’m offering a six-part distance-learning course on quantum superpositioning for only £499.99 per session, please send a postcard to the usual address).


All right.  Amalasuntha’s just daintily reminded me to Get On With It™.  So:


Or rather, there will be drumming, at the usual time at Eyre Chapel, Newbold, this Thursday evening – that’s the 5th August 2010.  We will be bringing snacks an’ that, some drinks, and a few drums – please bring yourselves along, and your own drums, tambourines, didgeridoos, maracararararas, and SPOONS if you have them, and we will make a JOYFUL NOISE UNTO THE LOR…


Ah, yes.  Right.  Well, we hope to see you all there in the usual, um, thing, and…  That’s about it.

See you Thursday! 😀



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