Kielder Forest, Northumberland

… has a new visitors shelter (alright, not that new in existence, new in the fact that we’ve just come across it…).  it’s not normally something I would tell y’all about, but this one merits a mention.  It’s modelled on a giant head, and is called Silvas Capitalis, or “Head of the Woods” and looks a little like this:

Silvas Capitalis

Silvas Capitalis

Silvas Capitalis 2

Silvas Capitalis 2

It’s based on the Celtic premise of Watchers, beings who watched over the forest and it’s inhabitants, who were usually depicted as human heads.(although I can’t find any reference to this on interwebs to verify it)  There are stairs inside you can climb up to look outside the eyes.  How awesome is that?!  So if you find yourself up that way, give it a nosey.


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