Summer Camp 2010 reminder

Hail! Derbyshire Pagans will be holding their annual Summer Camp once again, This weekend coming.  Go. Get. Tickets.  This means you.  ‘Twill be tickets only, no riff type raff just turning up and looking all sorrowful over the gate…

These here are the particulars:

Camp begins Thursday, 29 July 2010 at 17:00, until Sunday, 01 August 2010 at 14:00, and the location is Barn Farm, Birchover, near Matlock.  If you’re satnavving, the postcode is DE4 2BL

The campsite is pretty good as campsites go, hot running water, showers and loo block, and a nice big echoey barn, which if last year is anything to go by, gets filled by all of us lot drumming :) The pitch spaces are nice and big (if a little windy…) , and we usually get a section roped off for our own use.

If you’d like to book a pitch space, run a stall or a workshop, please contact Jacq Dobson on 01332720795/ 07790845076
by e-mail at:
or at the Derbyshire Pagans Website

Go do it now, even if you’re like us and work at least partly on Pagan Time, about now is probably about the latest you can leave it.  Leave it a little longer and you’ll miss out on the madness, stalls, workshops, ritual and drumming that goes on.  Just so it’s clear, you have to pay out for your own therapy afterwards…

See you there 🙂


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