Hasfest II – Proximity Alert

Good folks!  Just a quick reminder that Hasfest II is just around the corner.  No, I mean it.  It’s literally around the corner.  It’s waiting for you.

It’s the very pinnacle of the Chesterfield Pagans calendar!  One of the pinnacles, anyway…  Can you have more than one pinnacle?  Well, on this site you can.  Come along and bring your own pinnacles.  Oh, shut up, Tiro.

Sorry.  But the Great Event is now less than a week away (Saturday!  Saturday!).  If you’re planning on coming along – good on you, we’ll see you there.  If you’re planning on coming along to camp or hold a stall: good on you again, but please contact Gwen ASAP if you haven’t already made the arrangements.  She’ll know what spaces are still available.  Obviously if you have already made the arrangements, don’t pay any attention to me: I’m not organising that bit.  Gwen has kindly researched the busses available from the centre of Chesterfield, you’ll need the 96 which leaves from Beetwell Street at twenty to the hour.  Just ask the driver to give you a nudge when you get to the New Inn (or the Winsick) , it’s about 15 minutes ride from town and the bus stop is right outside the pub 🙂 Just follow the sound of the drumming from thereon…

Just in case you haven’t been waiting with bated breath and have no idea what I’m talking about:

Hasfest II is the second occurrence of the altogether spiffing Hasland Pagan Festival, held at the New Inn, Mansfield Road, Chesterfield S41 0JJ (note: it’s not the New Inn on Calow Lane.  Although I’m sure that’s a very fine establishment in itself, it’s not the one we’ll be at.  We can’t be everywhere.  Or can we…?*).

The festival will include stalls for goods and services, firelight drumming, a burning man and green lady, and lots more for the discerning tree-hugger.  And in years to come, when Hasfest is a massive, global event, you can turn to the upstart youngsters and say “of course, I was right there (nearly) at the start, you know”.

Isn’t that worth it?  😀

* No.  No, we can’t. *sigh*


2 thoughts on “Hasfest II – Proximity Alert

    • It all reckons to be starting off at about 2pm on Saturday, then going on until late on Sunday (with variable pause for sleep, for them as needs it!). Stuff™ of various kinds will probably start happening about 3pm-ish. 🙂

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