Hasfest II

Well, we’re hurtling through the year and it’s nearly time for the chaotic two-day wonder that is Hasfest to occur. This year it will be on 15-16th May and if last year’s success is anything to go by, there will be a variety of stalls, services and goods for sale, plenty of drumming in the sunshine, a Burning Man, a Green Lady, a Blessings Tree and a nice firepit for dancing and drumming round through the evening.  As we all understand the concept of Pagan Time, it’ll start when it starts (though it might be a tad on the quiet side around 0600hrs), but the official starting time is 1400hrs (2pm). Please come along and celebrate with us; friend or stranger, you’ll be blessed with a mead-hall welcome*  The event is not ticketed and will cost you the grand price of nothing to attend 🙂  There is free camping available, so if you would like to stay over and immerse yourself in the entire experience, please contact Gwen and she can reserve a place for you.  There are also car parking spaces available in the pub car park, though this can become a little limited…

Hasfest II Flyer

The festival is being held at The New Inn, Mansfield Road, Chesterfield (not the one on Calow Lane…). You can find it HERE, or just plug S41 0JJ into your broomstick sat nav.  The pub has food and drink on offer, and nice (if basic) loos, which is always a blessing…  If you would like to offer goods or services, run a stall, or partake of the camping experience please contact Gwen beforehand, so she can stick you on her list and stalk you later mark out an appropriately sized space for you and yours.

If you’re crazy enough to want to help out, (and let’s face it, we can always use another runner, gazebo mender, labyrinth maker’s assistant, fire pit cutter, or recycling bin co-ordinator) then please quietly mention your name to Gwen and use the secret sign ( £10 folded lengthways and offered with the thumb and middle finger of the left hand) and I’m sure we can find you something to help out with ;p  More hands maketh lighter work, and means that we can all get down to the serious business of drumming and beer a mite faster.

We’d love to see you there 🙂  Just remember, contact Gwen for camping or stall bookings, but any questions or quizzological queries you have you can drop a comment or an e-mail HERE and we’ll answer you just as soon as we find out 🙂

*Sadly, we don’t actually have a mead hall ( more’s the pity) but we do have a sympathetic public house quite happy to host us for a couple of days.


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