On Logging On: A Confession

Ladies and gentlemen, viewers, guests, members, passers-by and those who’ve arrived here through an implausible sequence of hilarious misunderstandings; I have an announcement to make:

I am a berk.

No, no.  No, please: cease your protestations, you lovely, loyal and supportive people, you.  It’s quite true.

It has been brought to my attention that people have been having problems logging in to their email accounts via the website.  This is likely because I forgot to remove the ‘Meta’ box from the sidebar over on the right there.  The Meta box provides WordPress bloggers with handy tools for accessing the inner gubbins of their blog site, and features a nice prominent ‘Log In’ option. Unfortunately that link doesn’t lead to the Google Apps mail system.

The Meta box has now been removed, and you’ll find the correct link to the email system to the right at the bottom of this box:

Hope this clears up any confusion, and many apologies for the inconvenience.


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