Jorvik Viking Festival

Running between 15-21 February, the Jorvik Viking Festival is a (broadly free) citywide event incorporating displays, traders, music, competitions and re-enactments on a Viking theme. There is no charge to attend the festival, however some events and lectures may be ticketed, and may need to be pre-booked.

This is not strictly a pagan event, but for anyone with an interest in Norse history and culture it’s definitely worth a look. For the Ásatrú out there, it’s as close as you’re going to get. Believe me: I know one, and she told me so.  🙂

This year being the 25th anniversary of the event, there will be films, storytellers, and plenty of things for the kids to get involved in.  There’s fights and mayhem and even a Best Beard Competition – which was won last year by a nice lady called Ali, in the women’s category.

For more information, clicky HERE.

(This year, they’re burning a boat. An actual boat. That’s how cool it is.)


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