‘Hearts of Oak’ Presentation

For those of a druidic inclination, or otherwise interested in this sort of thing, Dr Patrick Harding, lecturer at Cambridge University, will be at the Winding Wheel in Chesterfield on 10 February 2010 giving a presentation called ‘Hearts of Oak’ from 19:30.

As described on the Winding Wheel website:

“A beautifully illustrated new talk, in what will be Patrickʼs fifth visit to the Winding Wheel. From dryads to druids, Boscobel House to Birnam Wood, together with the adventures of Robin Hood; the talk will start with the place of oak trees in history and legend. With examples including buildings, battleships and butter churns the presentation will move on to examine the many uses of oak – not forgetting coffins, coopers and charcoal.

“As for natural history we shall enjoy the delights of beef steaks, bats and barn owls; ceps, celandines and cow wheat. Find out what it is that links oak moss to Kate Moss, pannage to purple emperors and elves to Spike Milligan. This will be an evening of stories, facts and humour, covering a wide range of interests, all centred on the great British oak.”

Anyone interested can book online at the Winding Wheel site or at the Winding Wheel/Pomegranate Box Office on 01246 345334/345222. Tickets are £5.50 or £4.10 for concessions.


3 thoughts on “‘Hearts of Oak’ Presentation

  1. Bugger, I missed this:( I love seeing Patrick Harding read lectures, I saw one at a Pagan Federation conference a few years back and I was hooked! The man is a total genius:)


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