Yule Reminder

Fab folks, just a gentle reminder that our Yule celebrations are fast approaching! If you haven’t quite got your pagan time in gear yet, then here are the details:

On: 19th December

Arrive: 6.30pm for a 7pm prompt ritual start. (on account of we don’t want to delay the good celebratin’ time :))  Mind you, if you arrive at 6.30 prompt, you might get roped into putting chairs out and helping set up.  Just sayin’.

At: Eyre Chapel, Newbold Chesterfield.

Bring: Yourselves, friends, family – it’s all good, any variety of pagan, or not, all are welcome :)  – and a spot of food for the foodshare.  If it’s homemade, please be sure to mark if it’s veggie friendly or not.

Dress code: not that we have much of one, but… clothes.  They would be good.  Actually: it’s Yule – Bring out your Bling, Slap on your Sparkle and Muster up a bit of Magic!

A word about beer: You may have gathered – we’re not licenced and there isn’t a bar, so if you’d like a wee drinkie to enhance your evening, please bring your own.  There will be recycling bags set up in the kitchen for your empties :)  Also, there may be bairns about, so watch where you put your bottles and cans.


For those who have not been before, there is a car park on site (and a loo!) and a small kitchen with a kettle (which we have use of for the night)
Entertainment-wise, we have the following confirmed and raring to go: *deepbreath, puts compere’s voice on*

Tony Keeton – you might have caught his performance at our Yule do last year – a performance poet who writes on everything from Dating Medusa to Faux Fur, to a nuclear power station supplying a radioactive Rudolph to a grateful Santa…  a trip inside his head is a thought provoking, if beautifully weird experience.

A lovely nordic/balfolk musical duo hailing all the way from deepest darkest Sheffield.  They’re new (to us), be nice ;p

The fabulous Blackheart Belles Belly Dancers :)  ’nuff said.

Before Jays Cheesy Wheels of Steel Disco to take us to the close :)

There may even be a short film of photographs (if I can get my pagan time in gear…)   and may be additional entertainment on the night, you never know :)

Any questions, queries, comments, write them on a piece of batter pudding and send to the usual address.  Or just leave us a comment :)
Looking forward to seeing you all there!

A walk on Stanton Moor

Hello lovely peeps, a couple of days ago your webteam got let out and decided to go for a walk across Stanton Moor to the Nine Ladies Stone Circle.  Usually there is sight of at least one other human being at the site itself, which is seperated from the moor by a grove of trees. However, we saw only a couple of walkers on the moor itself, the circle was lovely and peaceful in the lunchtime December sunshine.   As y’all didn’t go with us, here are a few piccies showing the seasons turn towards the cold.  As usual, you can clicky to embiggen any of the pictures below.

Firstly, we passed the cork stone:
cork stone

Crossing over the moor:

stanton moor1
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Now we are five :)

Break out the party hats and candles!

This post marks the fifth anniversary of the creation of this site, and we’ve been steadily growing since we started.  To give you an idea, the views for December 2009 were 326 for the month, December 2010 the site was viewed 1,495 times.  In November of this year, we had 3,124 views.

To date, there are 78 pages, and 442  posts available for you to read and comment on, (including this one).  Our busiest month was in June 2012 of 6,279 views.  In total, we’ve had 175,199 views since the site started in December 2009.


That’s a lot of people.

So, all we really wanted to say was Hail and Welcome to all our lovely readers, Twitter followers, commenters and those who find us looking for information and decide to stay.

We hope you stay with us in the future,

from your friendly website admin team,

Tiro and Amalasuntha :)

Yule Festivities: all welcome!

Hail good folks,

You may have realised by now that the next celebration in the wheel’s turn is Yule, traditionally for us in Derbyshire a time of much merriment, food and the odd bit of dancing.  Good news everyone!  It’s that time again.  This year it will be on the 19th December in the evening at Eyre Chapel, Newbold.

The usual applies – for those new to the festivities, that means a short ritual to mark the occasion (the serious bit) followed by a foodshare, light entertainments, and a bit of a boogie at Jay’s Cheesy Wheels of Steel Disco to finish the evening off.  So; dust off your glad rags, bring out your bling and get ready to celebrate midwinter in our usual fashion.  All are welcome, whether pagan or not, druid, shaman, wiccan, witch, heathen, eclectic or just plain nutty ;)  The more the merrier!

In short: bling is the order of the season, or fancy dress, whichever you prefer ;)  The ritual will be outdoors but for a short time only, and then it’s inside to celebrate in true fashion.  Bring a spot of food – something to share, it doesn’t have to be homemade, as long as you can categorise it as meativore, veggivore or dessert (not the sandy kind…).  If you’d like to do a turn on the stage for a few minutes, get in touch you talented people you.   Also: bring your appetites :)  We traditionally tend to have a lot of food!

The place will be Eyre Chapel, Newbold, which is behind the Nags Head pub.  For those who haven’t been before, turn into the pub car park immediately next to the pub, go to the far end and you should see a big set of open iron bar gates.  Through those, you’ll find a car park covered in crushed pale stone (as opposed to the pub car park of tarmac).  Follow the path lights to the small building on the left hand side of the car park as you enter the gates, and you should see a crowd of people already there :)

More news as we get the entertainments confirmed, watch this space :)

Buddha Buckets and bed-posts:The Oseberg Ship Burial

The site at Oseberg is one of great importance to those wanting to study Viking Age culture, as it contains excellent examples of tapestries and fabrics, not to mention a complete cart (the only complete one recovered thus far) two female burials with extensive grave goods and the  ship itself wasn’t in bad nick either:

Note the lovely carvings at the prow, and the shallow/ wide shape?  Not made for going across oceans, (as a modern replica built to the same specifications sank twice…you can see a replica being sailed HERE and HERE)

oseberg replica

certainly not designed for warfare, nor carrying many people (approx 30 rowers), the current theory is that the craft was used for coastal journeys before it was used to hold a double burial.

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Samhain Ritual and Celebration reminder

Just a little reminder folks that the open Samhain ritual and celebration evening is fast approaching. In simple words, it means that everyone is welcome.  All traditions, paths, beliefs and hair lengths, we’d love to see you there :)

We will be up at Eyre Chapel, Newbold, Chesterfield from 7.30pm on 1st November with a ritual and foodshare marking the occasion, along with our famous pumpkin carving competition (with prize for the best one), fancy dress competition (for those that fancy it, also with a prize) and new for this year – the Spookiest Named Food, with, you’ve guessed it, a prize up for grabs :)

There will probably be music and dancing somewhere along the way, so come along to mark the occasion with your community, dance, sample spooky food and present your pumpkin!

Looking forward to seeing you all there :D