Lammas Camp Ticket Deadline

Good folks:

If you’re planning on attending the splendiferous sparklyness that will be this years Lammas Camp, and you haven’t yet got your tickets – Contact Cherril asap. The deadline for tickets is a mere days away.  Get them in by the 22nd July folks.

Yes, even you folks living on pagan non-standard time.  Go get them booked- it’ll be one thing less to fret about, and you can take it off your list of things to do.

You can contact Cherril through her facebook page, which you can find through the Chesterfield Pagans facebook page.

Make sure you have a good read of the regulations for this year – even if you’ve been with us before, there’s some new useful stuff in there.

Highlights planned for this year include a ritual to thank Mother Earth.  If you would like to participate, please make sure you bring an offering that can be given to the fire, so no plastics or other non-burnable things.  There’s also going to be a labyrinth to dance before the handfasting, and workshops on a mighty breadth of topics from learning to spin yarn to pewter casting, animal guides to dream interpretation, crystals to sacred chanting,  plant spirit shamanism to gender, wrapping up with the goblin market and the Sunday morning storyteller.

Do be there, it’s going to be awesome – but make sure you get your tickets in first!

Lammas Camp Timetable 2015 – In HTML

Good folks! Pagans, heathens, witches, druids, pagan-friendlies, pagan-curioses, Hornblowers, Bolgers, Bracegirdles and Proudfoots.


Further to our recent post, I am pleased to present – and only in case you had any graphical glitchery preventing full enjoyment of the original – the Lammas Summer Camp 2015 timetable, in glorious HTML table format!

Please peruse the below at your leisure, and do – if you would – forgive the WordPress quirk that means vertical lines are not displayed, and the Coldwind quirk that means I can’t figure out a workaround for it. Try to imagine the columns as being neatly separated, as you’d expect from a professional tabular publication.

Thank you.

Lammas Camp Timetable 2015

Thursday 30 July 2015
7pm (ish) – Beating of the Bounds and Opening Ritual
9pm Thunderstorm (as usual)
Marquee 1 Marquee 2 Domes Craft Outside
11:00 Crystals in Healing
Who’s Life
Sacred Chants
Ongoing through the day:

Children’s activities

Kite Making

Pewter Casting

Totem Pole

Prayer Flags

12:00 Personal Transformation
Belly Dance
13:00 – – – – –
The Missing Witch
John Crow
14:00 Mindfulness Forum & Discussion
Runes 1
Suzanne & Darren
15:00 Herbs
16:00 Meet Your Animal Guide
19:00-23:00 Entertainment
21:00 Blót to Freya
 Night-Time. Go to bed, or stay up all through; the choice, as they say, is yours.
10:00 – – – – –
Power Animal Meditation
11:00 Runes II
Suzanne & Darren
12:00 Regression & Christos
Totem Animal Magic & Folklore
13:00 Headdresses
14:00 Numerology
Earth Star Meditation
15:00 Dream Analysis
Flowering Tree Ceremony
16:00 Plant Spirit Shamanism
Gender Discussion
Suzanne & Cat
21:00 Mind-Expanding Weird Shit
23:00 Drum Curfew
 Night-Time. You may’ve thought that last night’s comment meant there were binary options of ‘Go to bed’ or ‘Stay up’. Of course, combinations of the two were permissible. Sorry for any confusion or excess sleep caused.
10:00 Goblin Market & Suzanne’s Chill-Down Storytelling
Have a safe journey home

Lammas Camp Timetable 2015

Mesdames et Messieurs et That, we would like to take a moment to present unto you, fresh orf the thing, the Lammas Camp Timetable Of Workshops And Such 2015.

Cast thy peepers downwards for the list. It’s currently in an image format but I will, stuff permitting, type it up in the next couple of days.


How Many Bignesses

You know that thing about space?  About how space is, you know, kind of on the big side?

Douglas Adams mentioned it once, and it is actually The Law of the Internet™ that you have to quote him whenever you’re presenting any item dealing with the size of space.  So in order to satisfy this requirement:

“Space is big. Really big. You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it’s a long way down the road to the chemist, but that’s just peanuts to space.”

With that out of the way, I can also offer an insightful observation by Futurama’s Philip J. Fry, who had his own take on the matter:

“Space. It seems to go on and on forever. Then you get to the end, and a monkey starts throwing barrels at you.”

Moving on.

If you’ve a hankering to know just how many bignesses space has, you could start by examining the solar system.  We’re all familiar with the structure: the Sun in the middle, followed by eight planets, if you’re the International Astronomical Union (IAU); or, if you’re me, the Sun in the middle, followed by at least fourteen planets and probably dozens more yet to be found*.

But what we don’t usually get from our astronomy books and star maps is the actual scale of the thing.  Well, thanks to writer and designer Josh Worth, there’s now a chart that does give you a rough idea. Imagine the Moon the size of one pixel on your computer screen…

If The Moon Were Only One Pixel

Click, and scroll, and try not to get too mind-boggled.

Advice: once you’ve loaded the page use the left and right cursor keys to scroll the map.  And, if you want to skip ahead just click on the left or right arrows on the button menu at the top of the screen. That way you won’t miss any text captions (they’re worth reading).

[* In 2006, a decision by the IAU to demote Pluto to the status of ‘dwarf planet’, while promoting a handful of asteroids to the same status, was announced, and is still being argued about, with the IAU, every astronomer on Earth and most people who take astronomy seriously on one side, and me on the other.  It’s like that bit in Blackadder II, after he hires the ship and captain, and they’re adrift at sea:

Edmund Blackadder: Look, there’s no need to panic. Someone in the crew will know how to steer this thing.
Redbeard Rum (the drunken captain): The crew, milord?
EB: Yes, the crew.
RR: What crew?
EB: I was under the impression that it was common maritime practice for a ship to have a crew.
RR: Opinion is divided on the subject.
EB: Really.
RR: Yerss. All the other captains say it is; I say it isn’t.
EB: Oh, God. Mad as a brush.]

Call the Quarters: Hetfield, Ulrich, Hammett and Trujillo…

Pagansim as a whole is a collective set of beliefs which can vary greatly.  Some individuals are historically reconstructionist, others base their understandings on the principles of human beings, such as Gardner, Cunningham or Restall Orr.  Recently there has been a new wave of paganism, that based not on the teachings of physical people or historical or archaeological record, but that based on popular culture.  Practitioners of this new form include Jude Reich and Taylor Elwood, author of Pop Culture Magick in 2008, who said “The truly flexible magician is one who adapts with the times”

You can read more about the phenomenon HERE , a guide to the basics HERE and a discussion on whether this involves pagans creating deity HERE

So: Discussion Time: what do you think of the adoption of Pop Culture practice?  Is it cultural appropriation a step too far, or could you see yourself using familiar pop culture references to achieve the same connections?  If you are of a path that you consider historical, does current pop culture hold the same weight as your own practice, or is the fact that popular culture is so changeable a factor in your decisions?  Would you regard this as a fake form of paganism, or can spirituality be found in animated cartoons?  If you would consider it, is there anything that you would consider a step too far?  Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Charmed?  Harry Potter? or an animated series such as Steven Universe?