Interfaith: an update concerning heavy metal and Christianity…

Those of you who saw us at the last moot will know this already, but for those who didn’t, we gave an update on the interfaith work that we’ve been exploring.  Recently we sat down and had a very civilised cup of tea and slice of cake with the lovely Rev. Mark Broomhead who shepherds the Order of the Black Sheep in Chesterfield.  Their premises at The Gates between the Low Pavements and Beetwell Street in Chesterfield town centre are very gothic, with rooms beautifully decorated in dark victoriana complete with skulls and candles (aside from the cafe rooms, which are 1950’s style) (their gallery is HERE).  Their community is made up of those who feel marginalised by the mainstream church, but still wish to grow in Christian worship.  Their sacred space doesn’t have pews, pulpit or a conventional altar, but piles of beanbags (black naturally) and not a hymn in sight…

Amongst other things, the church runs a Geochurch and a foodbank, as well as attending Bloodstock heavy metal music festival (to run the welfare tent), and the arts, faith and justice festival Greenbelt.

And now… an humerous interlude

When you run a website like this one, us lucky admin type people get to create content and also see the behind the scenes statistics of what posts people have looked at, and what they’ve liked reading.  It helps us plan future posts and see what you, our lovely readers like, and what you don’t.

Stay with us, there’s a reason for all this…

Another thing that we get to see is what search terms people have typed in, resulting in our page.  It’s another way we can figure out what people might be looking for and want to read about.  So today, we take a look at the stats and search terms people have used and find this:


So for the people or persons looking for ‘satin worship elvaston castle‘ we’d like to say that there’s places you can get some nice silks in the south of our lovely county, and we hope you find some suitable satin to worship soon :)

More Stonehenge landscape revealed

Good folks, the Stonehenge Landscape projects preliminary findings have now been released, showing the surrounding landscape covered in shrines, longbarrows and other structures.  Do you agree with Parker-Pearsons theory of Stonehenge being a focal point for a landscape of burials for the Beaker People? Or Lockyears theory of a temple to the sun?

Not that kind of Beaker...

Not that kind of Beaker…

You can find out more on the recent research HERE

What lies beneath: More evidence at Stonehenge

Like Jaws, just in case you thought it was safe to go back in the archaeological waters, there comes news of a new survey at the site and surrounds.  There have been several more buried features discovered with the help of an extensive geophysical surveying project, which we here at your webmasters end, hope will be fully excavated with due professionalism soon :)  If you’d like to read the Smithsonian article on the project, it’s HERE.


Cromford Moot August 27th

Salutations all,

We hope you have recovered from camp suitably by now and beg your attention to let you know that there’s going to be a moot at Cromford this month.  Details below:

Cromford Moot & Meditation
Wednesday 27 August, 7pm

The Bell Inn, Cromford
(Upstairs room)

Guided meditation, tarot readings, please bring anything you wish to share – crystals, runes, whatever you’re interested in!

Gone to Lammas Camp…

Back inna bit :)


For those going, we’ll see you there in a few hours time for our annual chillout and taster sessions/ workshops/ lectures/ demonstrations and conversations with the most awesome groovy people :)

We have it on good authority that the camp site is ready and waiting, so have safe and stress-free journeys and check the weather forecasts!