Eco Homes opening around Derbyshire

A little while ago we talked about what would be involved in building your own eco-friendly home.  It’s a big step to take, even if you’re passionate about the environmental impact of new builds, or your own lives.   If you want to take the first steps in your own research into the practicalities, there are eco homes and buildings opening up to the public throughout May in Derbyshire.  Go through the friendly little link below, see where your nearest one is, and go ask those questions you’ve always wanted to ask – like whether eco loos really smell…

Explore Derbyshire


For those of you interested in find out a little bit more about the places that you visit and pass in our fair county, then take a look at this smartphone app especially built for the purpose  :)

You can download it from the Apple store, and it’s imminent on Google Play.  Discover lesser known local highlights and walks, listen to audio clips about the people and places, and turn your smartphone into a window on Derbyshire’s past.   There are some screen shots available on the website, it’s the official app for the Made in Derbyshire Festival of 2015, and best of all, it’s currently free :)

Lammas Camp 2015 first look: this years rules and regulations

Gentle peeps,

The very first announcement about this years Lammas Camp is here!  Ta Da!  As it’s important and about the rules, it appears here in full with nothing under a cut.  You may have been to camp before, but there have been some changes to the rules, so please take your time in reading them before you apply for tickets.
Please find below the Camp Rules and Regulations hot off the press:

Derbyshire Pagans Lammas Camp Ticket Application Form Information, Rules and Regulations!

Please read these terms and conditions before applying for tickets. The ticket application form is on page four of the document below. Once you have read these rules, please indicate on your ticket application form that you agree to abide by these rules/conditions. Failure to do so will result in your ticket request being denied.


Tickets are limited. We reserve the right to refuse ticket applications without giving a reason. Tickets will be sent out by email once payment is made and cleared. Tickets must be printed and presented to the Marshalls at camp where they will be exchanged for wristbands. No ticket = no entry!


Please do not arrive before 2.00pm

On arrival please report to the Marshalls at the entrance to the first field. The Welcome tent will be at the entrance to the camping field. Also, there is a steep hill to climb in your vehicle to get into the camping field, which can be difficult in wet weather. Please follow the instructions the Marshalls will give you about this hill and about where you must camp/park. Marshalls will also be in the main events/camping field and you must follow their instructions should they give you any. We will try our best to help you if necessary!


There are no set pitches. We cannot save any spaces for anyone and NEITHER CAN YOU! The pitching is on a first come, first choice basis. If you want to camp next to your family/friends, we suggest you arrive together. Also, be aware that some workshops may be noisy. Therefore, if you want a quieter pitch, you may want to consider pitching further up the field.


There are two standpipes which supply cold water only. Please use these responsibly and be aware that the area around the taps may get very muddy!


The toilets are eco long-drop toilets, but we do supply two toilet tents on ground level for children and disabled people only! There are also two eco toilets at the bottom of the first field. We also provide gents with urinal area. There is no hand washing facilities, other than the cold water supply. You are responsible for your own hygiene standards.

If you are using camping toilets, you must use biodegradable toilet fluid only and empty these in the long drop toilets. Do not empty them in the hedgerows! Female Urine upsets the Ewes and this is a nasty thing to do.

Please leave all toilet areas in a clean condition, as you would wish to find them. If you ‘miss aim’ please wipe the seats!


There are NO showers or hot water! You are responsible for your own hygiene needs.


All cars/vans must park in the first field unless you have a Disability Blue Parking Badge. We shall require proof of the badge holder’s identity on the site. You will be allowed to drive onto the main field to unload etc but then you will need to go and park in the other field.

Small motor homes will be allowed on the camping field, but larger ones will be asked to park in the first field.

Caravans can park in the main field but your vehicles must go into the first field.
This change is due to the cramped conditions of 2014 and the increase in larger vehicles/caravans.

Non – compliance with the parking changes will result in you being asked to leave the site.

Vehicles are parked at owners own risk. The organisers take no responsibility for any vehicle. We suggest that you lock any valuables in your vehicle. The organisers cannot be held responsible for missing items.


Please be aware that there is a very steep cliff on the field above camp, so do not allow your children to wander unaccompanied in this area.


Please do not allow children of any age to play on the Hay Bales or in any part of the farm yard, by express wishes of the farmer!


Dogs are welcome but must be kept under control at all times. There are children and livestock around (and adults!).

All dog mess must be cleaned up and put in the long drop toilets. Eco bags will be available if required at the Welcome Tent.

Please be aware of the safety issue with dogs on tethers or long leads. People do not always look for ropes etc when walking round!

Please do NOT approach dogs without the owners’ permission!

If ANY dog is found off a lead, or if any owner is found not to be cleaning up their dogs mess, they will be asked to leave the site immediately, or to take the dog/dogs and place them in nearby kennels. This is your choice!


You are welcome to put a small stall outside your tent FOR FREE! However, due to the increase in insurance costs, we must insist you have your own Personal Liability Insurance. We will need to see proof of this before you set up a stall. Please note that you are responsible for your own stall and goods displayed on them.


There are a few fire-pits available to loan, but you can bring your own. However, they must be kept off the grass! You MUST bring YOUR OWN wood to burn or logs can be purchased from Bob the farmer! We do not supply you with logs!

ANY aggressive or violent behaviour will be dealt with by INSTANT EVICTION!

We have qualified First Aiders on camp should you need them. Please go to the Welcome Tent if you require help. We also have Health and Safety Officers should you require advice.

Camp closes at 2.00pm. Please leave by then!

So in Short:-

Please be kind to one another!

Keep your area pretty.

Respect the environment.

Look after your kids, pets, cars and stalls etc.



Looking forward to seeing you all,

The Lammas Camp Organisers & Crew.

p.s.   Workshop info and sheet is available to download at from late June/July but may be subject to change.


The Ticket application form is below. You can send in the form to Cherill by post or by email. If you are sending by email, please copy and paste the completed form into a new document to send as an attachment. Thank you!

You may pay by Paypal, Direct Bank Transfer, Cheque/Postal Order or Cash at our local Moot. Payment details will be sent to you on acceptance of application.

Ticket App and Info 2015 – Word document.  This contains all the above and the ticket application form.

The World is Spinning: some folklore and history of spinning and weaving

Before cloth was made on looms and spinning wheels were made redundant by machines which spin hundreds of metres of thread in a day, all thread and cloth had to be made by hand.

Archaeologically, the first understanding of twisting fibres to make thread is thought to be from using a rock to weight the end of the fibres so they could be rolled together.  The rock developed into a spindle, a weighted stick which the user could spin and allow gravity and the weight to help spin the fibres together.

Ths innovation spread across the ancient world, with the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans all placing a high importance on spinning.

In Egypt, the goddess Neith was responsible for war and weaving (especially linen used for mummy wrappings).  Her identifying headdress was that of a weaving shuttle:



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Tree Identification Walk, Calke Abbey

Join the Calke Abbey Ranger for a winter tree identification walk, looking at tree shapes in the landscape as well as buds and branches close up.
Easy grade walk with some steps and gentle gradients. Sturdy shoes and warm clothes needed.

On: 18th January 2015 10.30 – 12.30

Calke Abbey,
DE73 7LE
Cost:  Normal admission charges apply.
For further information, go HERE

January Moot: Hand spinning workshop

Lovely folks, just a gentle reminder that next moot this coming Tuesday (13th January 2015)  is a workshop on hand spinning led by Liz and Suzanne.  Have a go at spinning your own wool from fibres by using a drop spindle or spinning wheel, and have a listen to some of the history and folklore to boot.

There’ll be plenty of fibres of different colours, some high tec* drop spindles for you to have a go with, and you’re welcome to take home your woolen efforts :)  It’s not a difficult skill to learn, and you’ll end up with a new appreciation of your jumpers and knitwear!

All welcome, see you all on Tuesday!


*  for high tec read made from a piece of wood, cardboard, a paper clip and some electricians tape… no expense spared ;p