Important: Lammas Camp 2014 Ticket Sales

We’ve been asked to give notice that ticket sales for the Derbyshire Pagans Lammas Camp 2014 will close at:

22:00 (10 pm) on Sunday 27 July 2014

That’s the Sunday before the camp starts.

If you’re aiming to attend the camp this year, please make sure you’ve arranged your tickets before then – there will be no further sales afterwards and we don’t want you to miss out!


AHEM – Ticket sales are now closed, and the countdown begins in earnest :)

Interfaith: Is There Anybody Out There?

To which the resounding answer is Yes :)  They are, and plenty of people are trying to figure out how to do interfaith work with those in other communities.  There are many points of discussion which can be far from explosive, such as:

How do members of a religious community strike a balance between adhering to ancient forms of their faith and responding to realities of modern life? (taken from the following article)

For ye good read, try THIS article, which is about interfaith work,  guest written by a Heathen on a Muslim blog :)

Interfaith: the beginning

Hail all you glorious readers,

Tiro and I have been doing a bit of thinking recently, it started out when we attended the Interfaith Conference on Domestic Violence a few weeks back, and has been germinating ever since.  The thought runs like this: if individuals can get together to talk about shared issues like domestic and spiritual abuse, then we surely should be able to get together and talk about our faith too.  Pagans already do this: the person sat next to you at a moot is likely not to hold even remotely close to the same beliefs as you, and yet people will sit together quite happily discussing and finding points of commonality.

So why not see if people from other faiths can be connected with to find points of commonality and shared experience?

And so to that, we came to the last Chesterfield moot to propose the idea formally.  And the members of the community there thought it was a good idea.  And so we’ve set ourselves a task:  to make connections with people of faith within our local area.  And this we will do, Tiro and I, and report back to you, our lovely community, about what we find and the connections we make.

To start you thinking, let’s start with the big one.  The folks that some of you may regard with suspicion, or have had a poor experience with in the past, or have felt that your spirituality has little to nothing in common with.  You know the ones I’m sure.  There are some of us that regard Christians as being completely incomprehensible in their passion for their faith and absolute assertions that a book made up of individual and sometimes contradictory texts forms the focus of a cohesive system of belief.

Keep that in mind, as you look at this site on the new movement of the Forest Church :)

Fabulous Camp Reminders (on dog poo bags, and ticket sales)

Gentle folks,

for those bringing canine companions to camp this year, we are respectfully reminded that you must have a dog ticket (so that we can ensure each dog has suitable space allocated) and that your doggy poo bags must be eco-friendly if you want to deposit them in the long drop loos.  We are reliably informed that these are marketed as biodegradable and are mostly green in colour.  We know you’re all responsible owners, but, you know, just in case you’ve got all caught up in the excitement of counting down the days, and that.  ‘Cause that can easily happen.


Which reminds us: camp ticket sales this year stop four days before the camp starts.  So the last time you’ll be able to buy a ticket is on Sunday 27th of this month.  If you’ve not got one already, and you want to go, then get to it people!  If you have bought yours already, you should have received a confirmation e-mail from Cherrill, and your details will be on her list.  There are no gate sale this year, so arriving at the gate without a ticket booked, means we shall release the hounds (with their biodegradable poo bags) Your mission should you choose to accept it, is to buy your tickets within the next 16 days.  This message will not self destruct in five seconds*…





* we accept no responsibility for those whose computers do self destruct whilst you read this message…

Waving to Mansfield

The Chesterfield Pagans would like to send a cheery g’morning to our compatriots over in Mansfield, a number of whom joined us for our Hasland moot last night.

If you happen to be of a pagan-esque persuasion and find yourself in the Mansfield/Nottinghamshire area do check their very nice website HERE.  It has details of their group, their moot location and times, and contact and links pages.

The moot, incidentally, is at the Pheasant Pub, Chesterfield Road, Mansfield NG19 7AP, on the first Tuesday of every month, from 19:00.